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Hello, how are you?

You may be wondering why I’m calling this the internet marketing takeover blog.

Or not.

Well, I’ve been using the internet for a few years now and I’ve noticed something funny on my journey.

It’s starting to look like the information superhighway is lined with billboardsĀ  everywhere.

Now, if you were to be driving down the road and billboards were all you saw, you might choose a different road.

On the other hand, if you found yourself driving down the road enjoying the scenery and thought of something you needed, you could simply go to the place that sells it.

If you wanted a high-priced item, you might want to do a bit of research first.

You probably wouldn’t actually want the “research” jammed in your face.

And you wouldn’t want it there all the time.

What I want to do is skip all the “Web 1.0” and “Web 2.0” stuff which basically amounts to billboards and sales pitches everywhere.

Marketing in Web 1.0 is just billboards, banners, ads.

Marketing in Web 2.0, aka “Marketing: Social Media” is basically saying, “Your friend saw my billboard, so buy my stuff.”

Add to that the fact that I have no, read zero, internet marketing experience.

Yet more is that most internet marketers would sell you air if they could.

That led me to thinking …

  • driving around in the real world is free (except for the car, gas, and all that)
  • all sorts of information, brochures, maps, etc. are available for free
  • there are plenty of places to go for free
  • So, what if I just collected the information it takes to go from knowing nothing, to knowing something about internet marketing
  • put it here for free
  • you could just drive around the internet marketing world basically for free

Come on, join me on my journey…



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